We Get It.

Your business has a rhythm. Your people have a rhythm. We get that. We call this leadership cadence. When you align your vision with your people's unique talents, you get extra-ordinary results. We have a powerful process that produces extra-ordinary results. We're not for everyone. But we may be for you. Let us show you how we work. Let's make waves together.

Discover your strengths.
Unlock your skills.
Live up to your potential.
Dig deeper.
Be wowed!


Who are you? What makes you tick? What are your strengths? Your weaknesses? Now look at the person next to you. Do you know how they will answer? Do you know how they think? Strategic assessments are our foundation for the change-maker transformation. Let us do the heavy lifting. We'll get to know you individually – and collectively – so you can understand the unique rhythm of your company.


The DISC Behavioral Assessment

Everyone is unique, and the DISC tool helps us identify our natural strengths and areas for development. It describes the degree of dominance, influence, steadiness, and compliance in a person's unique makeup.

OBJECTIVES: Understand how you act. Identify individual strengths and possible limitations in the workplace.

OUTCOMES: Increased self-awareness and effectiveness in communication and interactions with others.

The Motivators Assessment

What if we told you there is a tool that will pinpoint exactly what drives and motivates you and who you how to align your work and life to be in complete sync with who you are? The Motivators Assessment identifies driving values, motivations, and approaches to workplace behaviors. When used together with the DISC assessment, it provides a realistic picture of what will motivate and challenge an individual.

OBJECTIVES: Understand WHY you act. Identify what motivates and discourages an individual.

OUTCOMES: Increased job satisfaction by aligning people with work that is meaningful to them.

The TriMetrix Screening And Hiring Benchmarking Process

Building a resilient team without addressing turnover is like building a castle on the beach. It will all quickly wash away. The TriMetrix process lets you build a strong foundation by hiring the right people for the right jobs. You'll gain insight into candidates' competencies, values, behaviors, and skills. No more relying on gut instincts. No more try-outs. You'll hire right the first time.

OBJECTIVES: Identify the needs of the company and job openings. Identify candidates who will best fit key positions.

OUTCOMES: Decreased turnover, increased productivity, and retention of top performers.

Certifications & Train-The-Trainer

We don't do anything you can't measure. If you can't measure it, we won't do it. That's why we're certified and trained in almost every assessment tool on the market. We can customize your program to incorporate other assessments or even your own in-house assessment tool.

OBJECTIVES: Provide assessments and training solutions in house for ease and affordability.

OUTCOMES: Expanded in-house capacity and cost savings.


Leaders don't just think outside the box – they transform the box. But to do that, they must first transform themselves. It's virtually impossible to do so without external guidance. For most leaders and executives, this is when they reach out to us for coaching.


Executive Coaching

Get out of your comfort zone and venture beyond daily C-suite demands. We give you honest, unfiltered feedback and smart, pragmatic ways to lead your people better, faster, and with less stress. Our executive coaching is a flexible option for C-suite leaders who want to maximize effectiveness and results. You meet regularly with your coach in person or by telephone for six months to one year.

OBJECTIVES: Create a sustainable personal cadence for success that bolsters business objectives.

OUTCOMES: Clarified direction and fine-tuned leadership skills that inspire change and maximum productivity.

Leadership Coaching

Even champions and team captains have coaches. Our coaches take leaders where they can't take themselves. We design a tailored development plan for self-motivated managers to change behaviors, sharpen skills, and truly lead. Leaders meet regularly with their coach in person or by telephone for six months, followed by the option of incremental three-month extensions.

OBJECTIVES: Get more done with less directing. Manage more effectively and be a trusted advisor.

OUTCOMES: More effective communication that increases productivity and decreases conflict. Greater ability to successfully manage times of change.

Coaching Intensive

Break through barriers. Dive deep into development. Lay a foundation that lasts. Right here. Right now. Welcome to leadership boot camp. This program is for those who want intensive development in less time. You'll work with several coaching experts at once over one week of intensive coaching, in conjunction with a six-month flexible coaching program.

OBJECTIVES: Quickly and effectively prepare for more responsibility and significant shifts in leadership style or approach.

OUTCOMES: Transformational leadership development and new skills to effect change and interact more effectively.


Have you ever seen a top athlete only train for one day? No, of course not. They have to hone their skills, build stamina, overcome adversity. So do you. We won't waste your time on fluffy, forgettable seminars. We'll train you and your team. Face to face. Hand in hand. We'll mix theory, practical application, and tactical strategies that can be implemented immediately. We'll make your success unstoppable.


The Edge Series

One part coaching. One part training. One part assessments. All parts amazing. In addition to delivering relevant content, the Edge Series allows participants to increase their self-awareness through the use of the DISC and Motivators assessments, receive individual coaching from a professional coach, and build an invaluable community where they can empower each other long after completing the formal program.

OBJECTIVES: Discover opportunities, build community, cultivate personal and professional development, and solve challenges.

OUTCOMES: Increased self-awareness, new and tactical skills for managing and leading with less pain and more ease, immediate measurable results.

Management Certification Program

Don't let them fail their way to the top. New managers need new skills and new tools, no matter how naturally talented they are. This is the training for them. Each format includes assessments, coaching, and content tailored to your needs.

OBJECTIVES: Get executive leadership on the same page and achieve business goals using a clear plan of action.

OUTCOMES: New and improved management skills. Long-term retention and implementation of content. Maximized leadership potential.

Executive Retreats

Done poorly, retreats are a colossal waste of time and money. We don't do zero ROI. We don't do learn-nothing, vacation-style retreats. We promise results. Each retreat includes a three-step process: pre-retreat, retreat, and post-retreat. This ensures that the retreat will not only spark innovation, but deliver strategic and sustainable action.

OBJECTIVES: Get executive leadership on the same page and achieve business goals.

OUTCOMES: Synchronized goals and energy. Enhanced personal and team productivity.


We are smart, passionate, and pragmatic people who love to tackle complex issues and design customized, practical solutions for you.

Customized Solutions

  • Strategic planning
  • Screening and hiring systems
  • Merger and acquisition transitions
  • Succession planning
  • Train-the-trainer programs
  • Performance review revamps

OBJECTIVES: Tackle complex projects such as merger or success planning and provide flexible schedules that go beyond training solutions.

OUTCOMES: A well-developed strategy, guided support, and measurable outcomes on a strategic goal.


Our keynote speakers don't just talk. They energize. They are profound educators of leadership concepts. We deliver memorable experiences, customized to your audience, that motivate attendees into post-conference action.

Popular Topics Include:

  • So You Think You Can Lead. But Can You Follow?®
  • Dealing Effectively with the "Dominant Big Shot"™
  • Take the Pain Out of Managing: The No Frills, No Fluff, Just Results Solution

OBJECTIVES: Motivate and educate large audiences without overwhelming them.

OUTCOMES: Simple skills and strategies that can be implemented immediately and lay a foundation for further development.

Who We Are

Our team members are located around the globe and come with diverse skill sets and experiences – from former CEOs to successful entrepreneurs and master-level coaches/trainers. Once we know get to know you and your needs, we'll partner you with the best-fit associate so you can create magic together. But rest assured, they're all amazing.

Maja Magnusson
Maja Magnusson
CEO & Master Executive Coach
Maja Magnusson
Alice Veillon
Chief Learning Officer & Senior Coach/Facilitator
Maja Magnusson
Will Matthews
Senior Executive Coach & Facilitator
Maja Magnusson
Lynn Shintani
Senior Executive Coach & Facilitator
Maja Magnusson
Karen Clemens
Senior Executive Coach & Facilitator
Maja Magnusson
Michelle Ladd
Senior Assessment Specialist

How We Work

We Work With You.

We love to ask questions. Meet new people. Dig into the heart of a challenge to uncover the best path to success. We live for pivotal moments of discovery and progress – not just profits. We don't force-fit unremarkable ideas onto your unique situation. We explore your needs first so we can customize your solution.


We believe there is a natural rhythm or beat to everything you do. Each person on your team has their own unique cadence – that time when everything is in sync and amazing results flow effortlessly. The key is to transform all of the individual rhythms into a single, powerful cadence of lasting success. That's where we come in. We're all about customized solutions, meaningful change, and lasting results.

We're Passionate
& Pragmatic

We are no nonsense. Direct. Straight to the point. We're also a bit fanatical about what we do. We know we're lucky that we get to do what we love, every day. And we want that for your organization too. We genuinely care about your success and happiness. We also know that the best way to make that happen is to be your trusted advisor and design customized, practical solutions that align with your natural cadence.

Like You

We share your passion for prompt results. We don't do anything that can't be measured against strategic business goals. We're ready to make your life easier and to tackle the tough issues. We also want this transformation to flow easily and naturally. So we'll work alongside you. We'll make the complex simple. We'll be there for you every step of the way.

What We Hear


“We didn’t just want marginal improvements. We sought dramatic changes and realized that it is sometimes the smallest change that produces the most powerful results.”

Senior VP
Fortune 20 company

“We didn’t know where to start. We just knew we needed and wanted to change in order to grow and stay competitive.”

One of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S.

“I had no idea work could bring me this much joy. I feel connected, empowered, and my team notices a big difference. My passion for our work is infectious.”

Team Leader
Global high-tech company

Let’s Talk

Let’s build on what’s working, neutralize what’s not, and electrify your team. Together, we can transform your decision-makers into change-makers and find your organization’s very own leadership cadence. Give us a call or send us a note, and let’s get started. We look forward to getting to know you!