We’re not for everyone.

But we may be for you.

We Promise

We’ve taken time over the years to really figure out who we are, what we do best, and with whom we spark.

These are our five promises to you:

1. We’re partners

When you actually like the people you work with, amazing things happen. So if you like us, and we like you, we create a powerful partnership that sparks change and innovation. However, if the fit isn’t right, you won’t get the best results. That’s why we will walk away from a profitable opportunity if a mutually rewarding partnership isn’t possible.

2. Your needs come first

We won’t sell you anything you don’t need. To make good on this promise, we take the time to get to know you, your goals, and your challenges. Just ask the client who thought they needed a comprehensive, companywide training program. In reality, we discovered that all they needed was a one-person coaching engagement that saved them $70,000.

3. You Deserve results

Your organization is unique. We won’t waste your time and money with a trial-and-error process. Instead, we’ll set clearly defined objectives and outcomes together. We’ll also customize a program for measurable results, and modify it as needed to address any unexpected events.

4. It’s not rocket science

Not to imply that leadership development and executive coaching is easy – it isn’t. But we can make it easier for you and your team. We boil down complex theory into simple actions you can take right now. You’ll not only master the basics, you’ll build success.


While we love our clients, at some point we will leave you. We don’t believe that dependence on external consultants is healthy. So once you’ve found your cadence, you won’t need us anymore. You can access our assessments in house, deliver training programs, and achieve personal success all on your own. Of course, we’ll always be here for you!

Meet the Team

Maja Magnusson
CEO & Master Executive Coach
Julie Younkin
Senior Coach & Facilitator
Michelle Ladd
Senior Assessment Specialist