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Delegating Like a Pro

Effective leaders and managers delegate. Period. It might seem obvious; however, in my experience, many either don’t delegate or do so ineffectively. Why? There are two main reasons.

Managing Monkeys

Managing can sometimes feel more like running a zoo than overseeing a smoothly running team. Constantly shifting priorities, little time to delegate effectively, and personal inefficiencies can contribute to chaos.

Sharpening Your Delegation Saw

Creating a well-oiled delegation process takes time. Even when it’s in place, we sometimes see “delegation breakdown” signs. It’s then time to sharpen your saw.

Delegation Compounding Partners

Most are familiar with the concept of “compounding interest.” If you invest a little over a long period of time, the interest compounds, essentially growing larger with each small deposit.

Audit Your Delegation Effectiveness

Familiar with the expression, “You manage systems and lead people”? Most managers fall into the trap of “delegating on the fly” because they don’t take the time necessary to fine-tune their delegation systems.