Let’s Ignite.

Strengths, Weaknesses, and Fatal Flaws

Most are familiar with what we call a “strengths-based” approach to personal and professional growth that stress that we generate more positive results from maximizing our strengths than from focusing on weaknesses.

Excuse or Mishap? That All Depends

We all make excuses in one form or another. Some are subconscious; others deliberate. Some mask as “valid reasons,” while others are simply elaborate stories we tell to avoid facing the truth.

Ready to GROW?

Let’s assume you’ve gone through the process of determining whether you should coach, if your employee wants you to coach them, and if they are coachable.

I Want to Change, But Why Is It So Hard?

The Five Stages We Must Move Through to Make Lasting Personal Changes. Making lasting personal changes is not as easy as we might hope. Unfortunately (or fortunately), meaningful lasting changes call for a series of mental, emotional, and physical steps that require work.