Let’s Ignite.

Delegating Like a Pro

Effective leaders and managers delegate. Period. It might seem obvious; however, in my experience, many either don’t delegate or do so ineffectively. Why? There are two main reasons.

Excuse or Mishap? That All Depends

We all make excuses in one form or another. Some are subconscious; others deliberate. Some mask as “valid reasons,” while others are simply elaborate stories we tell to avoid facing the truth.

Managing Monkeys

Managing can sometimes feel more like running a zoo than overseeing a smoothly running team. Constantly shifting priorities, little time to delegate effectively, and personal inefficiencies can contribute to chaos.

Sharpening Your Delegation Saw

Creating a well-oiled delegation process takes time. Even when it’s in place, we sometimes see “delegation breakdown” signs. It’s then time to sharpen your saw.